The tribulations, second post

The tribulations, second post

Following the first six episode, six other episode have been published.

Clouds  \     \ \   gabsson´s aerial mix

San Francisco & the Golden Gate  \\ gabsson´s city tour mix

Mexico  \\ gabsson´s slow and heavy analog mix

Japan – Manhattan  \\ gabsson´s future music

Downtown Los Angeles streets \\ gabsson´s vintage tech soul mix

Souvenirs d´emprunt

The material used changed for a different yet recognizable fashion. From the video side, fantasy flew away for a further more realistic style. The reflections, on a tone which is also more consistent maybe, more repetitive too. here is the list with the links.

Downtown Los Angeles streets, process plates, color.

Mexico City street scenes (process plate).

Street scenes, city in Japan, late 1940s.

Clouds shot from airplane.

Lower Manhattan waterfront, Battery Park and ferry terminals, seen from offshore.

From Moscow to Cassiopeia (Moskva-Kassiopeya) (1973)

Wings Over the Golden Gate, Part I (1935)

Chevolek s kinoapparatom (Man With A Movie Camera) (1929)


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